One of the most stressful times of year for a parent is Halloween. That’s when there’s pressure to not only come up with (or help your kid develop) a creative and great costume, but to do so in ways that won’t hurt your wallet. Times are tough so we can’t just go to the Halloween Store and purchase the $100 Darth Vader costume – plus, where’s the creativity because? Part of the fun of Halloween is a chance to express your capability to come up with something original and cool and therefore others haven’t thought of, not only go to a store and buy something made of cheap plastic. So, if your prices are small and your kid wants a cool costume, what do you do?


If you’re lucky, either you or a spouse will have experienced the military and your kid can use your old costume. My father was in the navy and dressing up as a Navy guy was a thrill. It was the genuine article, the real actual uniform my dad wore whilst in the Navy, however, not only was it cool. It was a fantastic Halloween costume and it was also a way to demonstrate pride in doing what my father had done for the country and for his nation. Also, couldn’t beat the price as it was just sitting up in the attic. A similar could be completed with any other old clothes you might have that your kids think are cool. Old softball uniforms, college graduation robes, anything that way. Maybe not your wedding event dress, despite the fact that your daughter may want to put it on. That’s just weird!


There’s always the path of making your own costumes to your kids. Plenty of parents, particularly in this day and age where we didn’t all have Home Ec in secondary school, people think they are simply unable to generate a costume themselves and it’s much better to merely buy one. Making something yourself is much easier than you may think. First of all, you can get cheap tools like grommet machines and other sewing necessities from online retailers like These are generally one time purchases that you’ll be able to use every year from now through to make great costumes. All you need is a bit willingness and creativity to take some time making the costume great. It doesn’t have to be perfect – a near-perfect homemade costume is always way cooler than a “perfect” store-bought one.


Plastic bags are annoying and you always have too many of them lying around. Well, they can be used to make really creative Halloween costumes. When folded tightly together, they become quite sturdy. You can even sew them together. Get creative and come up with some hilarious and fun ideas with covering your kid in plastic bags. Don’t worry that it sounds super low budget – with some tape and paint, you could make pants along with other garments. Perhaps a pirate. Alternatively, a wizard. It can also be a “green” costume, as in reuse and recycling. So not only a cheap Halloween costume, but a socially conscious one at that!